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Chapter 11: Blue Thunder 2 - Millennium Thunder
Written by Michael Erickson
Copyrighted Columbia Pictures, 1983 - 2002

Based on characters and events by Dan O'Bannon and Don Jackoby

The two FBI agents that had arrived with the information reminded Michael of the typical sterotype that involved government agents, from whatever department they served under. In the case of Special Agents Clarence Foreman and Wesley Straker, both of the men fit the profile, almost down to the finest of detail. Foreman looked like someone who was a straight shooter, all the way. Someone who spoke his mind and lived by the philosophy of "goddamn the consequences." A personality trait that the late General George S. Patton would have been proud of.
Straker on the other hand, reminded Michael of a former U.S. Army Colonel turned survivalist camp leader. One who had a flint-edged coldness about him. Let alone someone who had neither the time or the effort to be flexible. There was something about the older man's personality that reminded the young officer of such a melding of those traits. Yet he could not quite place it. It did not matter. Both of these men were here for a reason, and they were not going to pussyfoot around the subject.
Straker ran a hand through his short crop of white hair, as he and the balding Foreman sat down at the table. It was time to get to cases. After the formal introductions, they immediately got to the point.
"Gentlemen, the information we are going to divulge does not go beyond this room," Straker began, his voice sounding a bit icy. "Your city has a serious problem on its hands."
"You mean the Islamic community or this Horton character?" Ralston said, a bit smugly.
"Horton... someone who is quite capable of turning your city into a Beruit-like nightmare," Foreman replied, giving Ralston a cold stare for his outspokeness. "This file should explain everything you need to know."
Passing the file down the gleaming wood oak table, Ralston looked at the file and handed copies over to Frank. Even Bowman and Richter looked it over, too. By the expressions on their faces, they were not prepared for the informational contents in the documents.
"His name is Justin Preminger," Foreman explained. "Also known as Xavier Horton. He served in the United States Army during the Vietnam conflict, as both helicopter pilot and professional killer after a serious crash. He was very notorious for the mop-ups of several munition dumps in El Salvador, Laos, other parts of Central America, and Angola. He had often worked in several top secret operations for the U.N. and other departments."
"Judging by his record," Frank observed. "He's worked quite a bit in other related fields. Particularly under the name of..."
"The right-wing patriot," Straker finished, obviously having memorized Preminger's history file. "Not only is he very liberal, he gives new meaning to the word Republican. He is an errand boy for some."
"And a menace to others," Foreman clearly stated. "He not only enjoys 'wet work', but he has taken it seriously. Too seriously, if you have read the next section of the file."
Both Michael and Frank read the portion of the file that Foreman had pointed out. Under the subject heading of associates, contacts, and enemies. All deceased. The names of the many people burned into their minds without much trouble.
"I'll say this much," Michael confessed. "This Preminger sure has killed off a lot of people. Even those he has worked with."
"From his psychological profile," Foreman explained. "Those who have let him down, or exasperated him, have often ended up dead. It was his way of purging his hostility and burning bridges. You'll see why in the photo that is in their."
Frank looked at the photo and passed it over to Michael. The photo was of an unidentified individual with their throat slit. Something that made Michael's stomach a bit queasy.
"This guy was trained to be a killer," Frank began, a bit unnerved. "And he got out of your hands?"
Judging by the expression on Straker's features, one could almost swear that he was a vegetarian presented with a bacon cheeseburger. Or a huge shit sandwhich that he unfortuantely had to take a bite out of.
"Regretfully, yes," Straker stated. "After a mission that resulted in the sinking of an old North Korean submarine, we learned from some associates that we had lost all positive control of Preminger. We had one of our personnel recommend a series of counseling sessions. After a series of observations, our medical department later learned that Preminger was....a paranoid schizophrenic."
Michael noticed that the two words gave Frank a sour expression. Knowing how Frank was originally classified as that, it did not settle well with him at all.
"The psychiatrist's report stated that Preminger was beginning to have bizarre hallucinations," Foreman broke in. "Even in times when he was flying a helicopter. Preminger had become convinced that he was a reincarnation of the Norse god Thor. The god of thunder. When we realized how dangerous he had become, under Executive Order # 24, we ordered him isolated and neutralized."
"Looks like you were not that successful," Frank observed, dryly.
"No, sir, we were not," Foreman admitted. "After he killed two of our agents, he disappeared. From time to time, we had scattered reports of his attacks on munition dumps in the Middle East. Including the elimination of a terrorist cell known as the Crimson Jihad. After September 11th, we later learned that he had bombed various Muslim and Islamic communities. Both outside and inside of the country."
"Sounds like he has some initiative," Ralston stated.
Straker and the others gave Ralston a stare that clearly indicated that they were either surprised by his last statement, or that they were not pleased to hear it.
"I did not know that you were hateful of those communities," Foreman observed.
"You'd be surprised as to what an attack on your home soil could do to you," Ralston pointed out. "And your viewpoints on certain issues."
Frank immediatly changed the subject. "Look, let's get to the point. What do we need to do to stop this man from causing any problems? He's already made an attack on the Islamic community and bombed the hell out of some of my choppers. So, we need to know what steps to take to prevent him from wrecking any more havoc."
Foreman and Straker gave the question some thought. It did not take long for either one of them to come up with an answer.
"All we can tell you is this," Straker stated. "Be prepared to use any means necessary to eliminate him and the potential threat he is capable of projecting. He has been highly trained and he is skilled in what he does best. In essence, he is a one man task force, operating without any decent restraint."
"In plain english, he is dangerous as a wounded animal," Foreman finished. "There were those that he knew in both Washington and New York when those attacks erupted. Some people that were killed. He's already made a statement to the Islamic community. He won't hesitate in making a statement to the rest of the world. A world he feels he has been betrayed by."
For the first Kentucky Derby since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, officials had doubled the usual police force and screened patrons with metal-detecting wands. Items that had included coolers and bottles were banned, though others such as small pocket knives and folding chairs were allowed. The crowd had been the fifth largest in Derby history, but the wait to enter Churchill Downs was only about 10 minutes longer because buses unloaded fans in bulk. The security plans were developed locally because the Derby was not granted the same federal status as National Security Special Events, as were the Super Bowl and the Salt Lake City Olympics.
After the one year anniversary of the attacks, it had been decided that the Derby would be given the same federal status.
Both Michael and Frank wondered if that status was going to do them some good. Because now, it was not a group of terrorists that were a potential threat. It was an American. One that was worse than Timothy McVeigh and his violent actions in the state of Oklahoma. A man that had seen and done much. One that had walked the fine line between light and darkness. One that that did not deny the violence within himself. One that had just embraced it and broke away from the program.
On some levels, Michael could empathize and sympathize with Justin Preminger. And to a point, he almost admired and respected him for his talents and fortitude. If not his ternacity.
However, he knew that Preminger had to be stopped.
The question was how, without any more bloodshed.
He did not have an answer.
"Shit," was all he could say.

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