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Chapter 10: Blue Thunder 2 - Millennium Thunder
Written by Michael Erickson
Copyrighted Columbia Pictures, 1983 - 2002

Based on characters and events by Dan O'Bannon and Don Jackoby

The last time that Michael Ralston had seen a helicopter go up in flames, was when he watched some amateur photographer's videodisc of a private helicopter crashing into the Kinko's on Bardstown Road, near the Highlands. The helicopter that had contained former U.S. Air Force Major Jason "Hap" Arnold, up-and-coming U.S. Senator Donald Barnhart, his wife and three children, had apparently suffered a failure in its autopilot system, which caused an electrical short circuiting. As it was approaching Bowman Field, smoke and a few sparks had broken loose, as it tried to make a forced landing. The end result was a helicopter crashing into the small building head on. Not only was everyone on the copter killed, but several employees at Kinko's were also killed. One that Ralston knew through a couple of friends. Eric Rainwood and his friends, Rick and Desi, did not survive the tragedy.
The investigation into the accident later revealed that it had been deliberate sabotage. Something that also led to assasination. No suspects were found in during the case. Not even when Barnhart's entire family had been brutally killed. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and all. Mindlessly brutalized and butchered.
And judging by the latest smoking debris on the police helipad, the two helicopters were deliberately sabotaged. The pilots in these copters were killed instantly. A major situation that did not set too well with everyone at the helipad.
Frank had beeped Ralston on his beeper, and Michael immediately drove over. He told Annette that he would return as soon as he could. When he arrived and saw the carnage, he was immediately shocked and outraged.
The fire department had immediately responded and extinguished the flames of both aircraft, which allowed the investigative team to check out what had caused the two explosions. Both the team and forensics immediately identified the cause. The results were later discussed in the squad room. Including the murder of one of the helicopter mechanics. The mechanic, one Brad Bowsman, had been killed by being shot in the head with a .9mm Beretta. Quick, easy, and very precise.
Frank paced around a little in the conference room, listening to each of the reports by the various personnel. Even Richter and Bowman were in the room, listening to what was said. Their very presence unnerved both Frank and Michael. Michael wondered if there was a connection with Project Ariel and with what had occurred. Like Frank, he speculated whether this Horton had something to with the project and the incident in question.
After hearing the findings, Frank dismissed everyone from the room except for Ralston, Richter, and Bowman. Frank was a bit glad that Jake Klien was not present. there was still something about Klien that he had found strange. He could just not pinpoint it. At least for the moment.
"Whoever did this knew what in the hell he was doing," Ralston stated, cynically.
"Whoever did this is trying to play a game with us," Frank observed, darkly. "Or trying to send out a message. How he got in here without being detected clearly demonstrates he is very skilled."
"And smoothly effective," Ralston grunted. "He doesn't make mistakes." He looked over at the two government agents who were standing near the doorway, silent and unmoving. "Do you two gentlemen have anything to offer?"
Ignoring Ralston's tone of voice, Richter shook his head. "Just that we are in the dark as much as you two and everyone else here. I've notified Washington of the situation and they have issued a caution flag."
"What, no red flag?" Ralston noticed the choice of words. "You two trying to protect your interests?"
"Michael, please," Frank broke in. Knowing how ill tempered Ralston was, he decided to break in before something else erupted. "I just want to know if there is something you two have been holding back. We haven't heard from Washington about Horton, this new project is introduced, and now this. I want a straight answer. Is there information that has been retained?"
Bowman shook his head. Judging by his reaction and body language, he was telling the honest-to-God truth. "None whatsoever, Frank. Like you, we are surprised by what has happened. And believe me, I don't like this anymore than you and your people do."
As much as Frank hated to admit it, he believed Bowman. Ralston however, still did not buy it.
"In that case," Ralston said. "Why don't you contact your superiors in Washington and find out what the delay is in that profile information we requested on Horton. That could help matters."
"I'll see to it that it gets top priority," Bowman said, pulling out his cell phone and punching up the number required.
"Frank, there's got to be a connection to all of this," Ralston pointed out. "Either this Horton is involved in some way...or.."
Frank raised a hand up. "I know what you are going to say....Middle Eastern terrorism. I don't think the latter fits the equation here. It's not the pattern."
"After September 11th," Ralston speculated. "It would fit that profile."
Richter eyeballed Ralston curiously. "You're not that fond of the Middle East are you?"
Ralston took note in Richter's observation, however much he disliked it. "Your perception is very precise and on target, sir. I fought the Iraqi forces in Desert Storm and I witnessed what happened on 9-11. So the answer to your question is this. No, I am not that fond of those pieces of Arabic gutter trash."
Frank groaned and put a hand over his eyes. There were times when the clear indication of hatred in Ralston's voice gave him a headache. And right now, he was wishing he had a bottle of ibuprofen close by.
Andrew Tobias came in with a printout, followed by two other men in business suits. From the looks of the two men, they were government personnel like Richter and Bowman.
"Frank, that information from Washington just arrived," Tobias said. "These two gentlemen came with it."
"Very well," Frank said, motioning the two government men to be seated, along with Ralston, Richter, and Bowman. Tobias immediately left the room and closed the door behind him.
From the look of things, this was something that would prove the suspicions that both Frank and Michael had.
And like their suspicions, they were definately not going to like hearing the answers. Regardless of how serious the problem was.
Michael hated it when he was always right.
Frank did, too.

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