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Chapter 8: Blue Thunder 2 - Millennium Thunder
Written by Michael Erickson
Copyrighted Columbia Pictures, 1983 - 2002

Based on characters and events by Dan O'Bannon and Don Jackoby

Hermitage Farm was basically 700 acres of lush pasture with century-old trees and large, safe barns. Most of its employees had been with the farm for many years. For over 60 years Hermitage had been called home by well over 200 stakes winners. Topping the list were classic winners Dark Star (Kentucky Derby) and LOMOND (English 2,000 Guineas). The farm's two-year-old stars included Irish Champion two-year-old and leading sire WOODMAN, Breeders' Cup Juvenile winner IS IT TRUE and 2001 G1 Hollywood Futurity winner SIPHONIC.
In 1985 Hermitage Farm sold at the Keeneland July Sales SEATTLE DANCER. The then unnamed son of NIJINSKY II and MY CHARMER, a half-brother to SEATTLE SLEW and LOMOND, was sold for a world-record yearling price of $13,100,000 to the partnership of Vincent O'Brien, John Magnier and Robert Sangster. He went on to become a Grade II stakes-winner, Grade 1 stakes-placed, and a successful sire.
In 1995 Hermitage was sold by the family of Warner L. Jones to current owner Carl F. Pollard. Both Jones and Pollard (golfing partners and good friends) continued to serve as Chairman of the Board of Churchill Downs. The farm was also used as a setting for Pollard's son's independent film in 1999.
Ralston always had an affection for the horse farm. It truly represented the best of horse racing in Kentucky. He managed to visit the area on a couple of occasions. For a time, visitors were not allowed on the property. Thankfully, Annette knew of some people who had connections with the horse farm's owner, and managed to get her and Michael an opprotunity to visit the place. Since then, both Michael and Annette managed to become friends with the owners and some of the staff.
Ralston leaned on the wooden fence of the farm, watching a couple of horses trotting along the grass field. Whenever Annette noticed that Michael was in that position, she knew that he had something going on in his head. Sometimes, she could sense the wheels turning and clicking.
Dressed in a Southern Belle-like outfit, she carried a glass of Mint Julep with her, over to the fence. "What are you thinking about now, sweetie?"
Michael rubbed his eyes a little, when his girlfriend stood next to him. "The usual, my dear. Preparing for another Derby Festival."
The Native American woman eyed Michael suspiciously. He had to hand it to her, when it came to perception and sensing that the entire story was not being told to her. If there was one thing that Michael learned, it was that he could get nothing past the half-Cherokee, half-Iroquois beauty.
"Don't try conning me, sweetie," she playfully warned him. "There's something else going on in your head. So, out with it."
Michael shook his head in failure. "There's a possibility that there may be trouble up ahead. Frank and I got a call about a potential red flag the other day. We haven't heard anything from the FBI about our inquiry."
Running a hand through her long raven black hair, Annette Lynn Singing Hawk could tell that it was a nagging thought running through her lover's mind. "You think that this red flag poses a threat to the festivities?"
Michael shrugged. "It's possible. You should have seen the guy's apartment. It may have been in a clean fashion. However, there were some things in there that indicated that the resident was not playing with a full deck."
Watching one of the employees, an olive-skinned brunette named Gloria Alonzo, riding one of the horses into the barn, Annette took a sip of her mint-julep. "Has anybody told you that you think too much?"
Michael chuckled a little. "It's my job, dear. It's what I get paid for."
"Your job is just flying helicopters over the city," she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Here, take the last slug. It'll relax you."
Michael took the glass out of her hand and drank the last of the mint julep. Not only did it make him cough a little, the amber liquid burned down his throat. It may have been smooth alcohol, but it certainly tasted like perfume.
"Shit!!!!" he coughed a little, as Annette slapped his back a little. Just to clear his throat. "How can you stand to drink this every Derby Festival?"
"You just acquire the taste, darling," she said, pecking him on the neck. "Look, we're here to relax, so relax. There's the old saying of leaving your work behind..."
"After I'm off the clock," he finished for her. "You've burned that into my head many times."
"That's not all I've burned into your head, kind sir," she said slyly, in a convincing southern accent.
That last comment gave Michael an erection. It had been about a week since he and Annette made love. Whenever they did, it was passionate and romantic. If not a bit steamy.
"That's true," he said, giving her a quick kiss on the mouth. "Well, let's go relax and enjoy the scenery."
"That's what we're hear for," she admitted.

Not far from the farm, the same mysterious man that had called Ralston the night that the Middle Eastern family had been assaulted, watched him and Annette through an old pair of binoculars. The blond-haired man with a rodent-like, strong, gaunt face, and haughty mein watched the two closely. He had to admit, the police officer had good taste in women. The beautiful Native American woman had some exotic features, despite her pleasantly plump build. Placing the binoculars back in his car, he got into the front seat and gunned the engine. Taking off east toward the small Oldham County town of Prospect, he was careful not to draw any attention.
Xavier Horton, aka Justin Preminger, and other aliases he had gone by over the years, did not like drawing attention. His apartment may have been searched, but he was still one notch ahead of the authorities. And he would damned if he got caught. He had no intention of letting that happen.
Not ever.

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