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Chapter 7: Blue Thunder 2 - Millennium Thunder
Written by Michael Erickson
Copyrighted Columbia Pictures, 1983 - 2002

Based on characters and events by Dan O'Bannon and Don Jackoby

Later that day a briefing was held back in a nearby complex for some of the spectators. The pilots of the pilots of the ARIEL helicopters were present. Murphy and Ralston attended with Bowman and Richter watching over them from afar.
The pilot of the new helicopter walked up, introducing his extroverted and confident manner: "The legendary Frank Murphy.........." He held out his hand. "Captain Jake Kline, flying Special Two." He spoke with a very distant smile, almost undetectable, something Murphy found difficult to interpret sometimes.
Murphy shook his hand with a gradual climb from caution. "Nice to meet you, Jake." Ralston stood next to him. "This is my top pilot, Michael Ralston." Ralston shook Kline's hand a little more warmly and na´ve.
"Hello, Michael." He turned back to Frank. "I'm well aware of your experiences with the last kind of this project, Captain Murphy," Kline started, pausing," May I call you Frank?"
Murphy gave a small nod of approval without saying anything, but giving Ralston a look in between Kline's words, not knowing quite what to make of this new acquaintance. He was waiting for Kline to say something more about his past with THOR and became uneasy.
"We've selected your division to perform the urban testing of Special Two over your town. We'd like it if you can fly it on your patrol and let us know how you find its performance and usability in such situations."
"Will this include the derby?" asked Murphy, a little on edge. Ralston was getting excited about the thought of flying in the new helicopter.
"Yes," confirmed Kline. "We want to have it out in the public eye, on the TV news, to let everyone know we're serious about protection." He took a drink from his glass as he let the words sink in to his new acquaintances. "We don't want the same secrecy to cause problems with the public this time around."
Frank folded his arms. "I'm impressed." He looked at Ralston, talking to them both. "Looks like you people are starting to get it right after all."
Richter and Bowman had come up behind Frank at that point, overhearing his last words. "This project is going to see success," announced Richter. Frank spun around, his arms unfolding and Ralston turning. "You'll see."
"Do you two always sneak up and listen in like that?" Frank wasn't impressed. He shifted on his feet, looked around at the food, and went off to eat a little.
Ralston smiled at the government agents and followed him. He sped up behind Frank to catch up. "Frank, will this mean that Blue Thunder will be at our division?" "Most probably. Remember what he said about the public exposure." He put some sausage rolls on his plate and poured sauce on them as he continued, "Like with THOR, Richter and Bowman will be around like a bad smell, and they'll probably bring in their own specialist engineers to look after it." He eyed Jake Kline talking with Richter, Bowman and the pilots from the older Blue Thunder he met at the demonstration site. "And you can bet we'll be seeing a lot more of Jake Kline."

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