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Chapter 1: Blue Thunder 2 - Millennium Thunder
Written by Michael Erickson
Copyrighted Columbia Pictures, 1983 - 2002

Based on characters and events by Dan O'Bannon and Don Jackoby

Louisville, Kentucky
April 15, 2003 AD

One of the many things that tourists could say about the city of Louisville, is that it was beautiful around the night time. With the sky turning dark, the setting sun reflecting a pinkish hue on the clouds above, and the various citizens enjoying the nightlife, the River City certainly lived up to its reputation as a busy riverside metropolis. Many people from all walks of life worked and played, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes college students were out and about. Some getting intoxicated, some enjoying the freedom of youth and sexuality, attending the theater, and so on. However, it was at this time of the year, that Louisville would have a bigger population explosion, and more economy being boosted into its now-huge budget.
The Kentucky Derby Festival was one of the many crowd gatherings and tourist attractions of the year. A series of events that led to the first Saturday in May. An event that would bring the entire world to one of the major horse racing tracks on the planet. Churchill Downs.
It was also a series of events that kept the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department preoccupied and working long hours. Not to mention, the serious overtime that came with it.
It was also an event that Officer Michael Ralston was not particularly looking forward, too.
The young man with semi-long brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard sat back in the police briefing room, listening to the latest items being read off by police lieutenant Andrew Tobias. Ralston always found the briefings and the items to be boring as dirt, itself. Or something along the lines of something he stepped in. To the native Louisvillian, it was the "same old shit, just different day" type of lecture.
Dressed in his pale bluish-gray flightsuit, he jotted some more notes on his notepad, and wondered when Tobias would be finished. After Tobias finished talking about the last item on the list, every pilot cleared out.

Ralston sighed deeply the relief of the finished briefing.
Walking out of the room, he immediately picked up his flight helmet and proceeded to the new helipad. It was a building that had been constructed last year, on the corner of Jefferson and First. After much discussion by the board of Alderman, Mayor David Armstrong approved the funding for the new police heliport. Part of the reasoning behind the new building was because of what happened on September 11, 2001 AD. Something which still left a bad taste in Ralston's mouth. And an attitude needing adjustment when it came to the Middle Eastern immigrants that came to the United States.
Ralston's train of thought was interuppted when he nearly bumped into Police Captain Frank Murphy.
"Well, you seem preoccupied," the silver-haired older man observed.
"Who the hell isn't?" Ralston snorted. "With Derby coming up, and going through the same old shit like last year."
The former Los Angeles ASTRO Division pilot shook his head at Ralston's straightforwardness. In some ways the young man reminded Murphy of himself at that age. Especially some two decades past during an incident that made him a hero. An incident that promted him and his new wife Kate to move to the Bluegrass state, just to get out of the limelight and the ever houding publicity.
"Kid, be nice," Murphy said, some what serious. "Since 9-11, we have to stick with certain things."
"It doesn't mean that I have to be bored to death," Ralston stated. "Where the hell is Pendelton?"
"Change in the roster," Murphy replied. "Pendelton called in sick. You'll be training this new person. Officer Richard Holt."
"A JAFO," Murphy said, looking at one of the police helicopters taking off. "Just transfered from the Computer Division. There he is now."
Standing nearby, organizing some paperwork in his folder, a short young man with a mop of brown hair and sunglasses casually looked over the police chopper. He was dressed in a tan flight suit of the same design as Ralston's. The only difference was, was that it was medium sized. Ralston's was extar large, for his six-foot-four height.
"Wonderful," Ralston said, in his usual acerbic tone.
Walking over to the chopper, he motioned Holt to get into the co-pilot's seat.
Tobias came out and stood next to Murphy. "You think Michael can break in this new one?"
Murphy watched both Ralston and Holt start the jetranger's turbines. "He'll be fine."
"If you want my opinion, Frank," Tobias observed. "Michael does not have the temperment to be a teacher."
The veteran police officer chuckled. "Yeah....I forgot."

"Air 10, time is 1700 hours," said Police Air Traffic Control. "Wind two seven zero at eight knots, gusting to fifteen, altimeter 2992, clear for takeoff."
The Jetranger helicopter made its trademark tilt to one side as it lifted to a hover before climbing out smoothly from the helipad into the wind and immediately turned east, along Baxter Avenue, and then Bardstown Road. Ralston listened in on the police headband for updates from central control.
"So what brings you to Air Support?" Ralston asked, watching the sprawling city underneath him.
"I got tired of working with police computers," Holt stated. "So boring, dull. When I heard about an opening with the Air Division, I went for it."
"Needed a change, huh?"
Holt shrugged. "You could say that. My girlfirend Laura objected to my transfer, though. She's afraid about me flying around all the time in these things."
Ralston smirked at the last remark. "Helicopters are amazing machines. What does she do?"
"She's a manager at Hawley-Cooke Booksellers," Holt stated. "She can even be difficult at times, too."
"Yeah, when it comes to me focusing on my job," Holt sighed. "And not on her."
Ralston chuckled a little. "Man,you're letting her boss you like that?"
Holt groaned as the truth hit home. "Unfortunately. What about you?"
"Me? Hell, no!" Ralston replied. "My girlfriend doesn't pull that kind of nonsense. She's not the type, too stressed from her job."
"What does she do?"
"She works for the State Government," Ralston answered. "In the Public Defender's Office."
"Paralegal, actually. Her name is Annette."
Ralston's attention was distracted by another update from police central.
"All units in the vicinity of Bardstown and Watterson East," the female voice spoke. "Code 17-X at Goldsmith Lane. Code 17-X at Goldsmith Lane."
Holt looked over at his new partner. "Wonder what that's about."
Ralston turned the Jetranger northeast. "Probably some kids doing something they shouldn't. We'll find out...."

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