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The Air Wing was offered a larger Eurocopter EC-155 (AS.365N4) for the price of an AS.365N3 but it was too underpowered for the demanding needs of its intended police role.

You have reached the Backup Victoria Police Air Wing website, operated by Andrew Gilchrist, who is not a Victoria Police member.

The Victoria Police Air Wing flies 4 helicopters, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide airborne support to police and emergency services across Melbourne and its suburbs.

It also undertakes search and rescue (SAR), flies a dedicated air ambulance and provides support for tactical jobs involving the Special Operations Group, the dog squad and general support roles including targetted patrol, speed detection and more.

Want to fly for the Victoria Police Air Wing?

Before joining the Victoria Police Air Wing as a pilot or observer, you must become an experienced Victoria Police Force member for a number of years prior, to ensure you have adequate knowledge of situations that can unfold on the street and an understanding of the law. You may then apply and a waiting list of up to 18 months is not uncommon. They are very highly-sought after positions.

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